In the most peaceful place, disconnected from the world,
this moment is yours.

What is Relaxion?

Relaxion is a space of relaxation where we practice sensory isolation. The goal is to nurture the five senses to achieve a state of absolute tranquility. It induces a state in which the body and mind can best relieve and deal with both mental and physical stress. This moment is yours!

What is Relaxion?

Why Relaxion?

The fast pace of modern society, limits our ability to look after the core and fundamental parts of ourselves, which are essential to well being. Stress is known to be at the root of most ailments both physical and mental. Relaxion can reduce this stress before it manifests itself in a significant way, or rein the effect of these symptoms if they are advanced.

What are the effects?

After a few sessions, the following effects are:
- Reduced stress, and anxiety
- Feeling of well-being
- Boost of self-confidence
- Emotional stability
- Improved creativity
- Release of muscle tension
- Better sleep quality
- Improved concentration

Once comfortably seated on our floating chair, the cocoon door is sealed. After a moment of attunement, you are immersed into a space where the body and the mind fully relax. This is now your universe.
Thoughts come and go with ease and it is this specific process which is restorative. Once induced into this introspection, there is a release of negativity, making room for positivity.

The secret to relaxation is simple: consistency.
For optimal results, we recommend a full cycle of five sessions. It is advisable to line up three consecutive sessions, three days in a row. The purpose is to allow the body and the mind to naturally welcome this experience and to incorporate it effectively.
The next two sessions should be separated by two weeks each, for the readjustments made during the first three sessions to take root in you.
Subsequently, it is possible to come back as soon as the need arises. It is recommended to come once a month to maintain constant well-being.

The process is completely natural, no machines, nor sound frequencies are used. The room is designed with environmentally friendly materials, and free of metal.
It is your body and your brain that do all the calming work!

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