Privacy Policy

Personal data

Relaxion treats your data with the utmost care.
The personal information we collect is kept for administrative or communication purposes in a secure environment. We are committed to protecting this data in order to ensure that your privacy is respected.

Thus, we collect as little information as possible about you and never disclose your personal data with third parties without reason or without your permission.

We regularly update our system in order to avoid security vulnerabilities as much as possible.

Collection and use

When creating your account, we keep the following data for an unlimited period.

Name, first name and civility

We collect this information because you are not just a number to us.
It is also used for billing purposes.

E-mail address

We store your e-mail in order to be able to communicate with you regarding your orders or reservations.

Language of communication

We store your preferred language of communication so that we can contact you more smoothly.

IP Address

We only store this information during an order, in order to increase the security of the transaction.


Cookies are text files stored on your computer for a limited time. We try to use a minimum.


Duration of the conversation: 1 minute

All cookies beginning with _gat are used by Google Analytics for statistical purposes.


Duration of the conversation: 24 hours

Used for statistical purposes by Google Analytics to distinguish users.


Duration of the conversation: 2 years

Used for statistical purposes by Google Analytics to distinguish users.


Duration of the conversation: until the browser is closed

Used to record user sessions to facilitate their connections.


Duration of the conversation: 1 months

Used to remember the theme used (dark or light).

We also use 2 external services: Mapbox for the map on the contact page, as well as Nelopay as a payment method provider. These 2 services can also use cookies. Please refer to their privacy policy for more information.