What happens during a session ?

It is necessary to remove the objects of metallic composition which one would carry on oneself, including alliances, jewels, belts, etc. A secure space is available for personal effects. Note that the pants buttons and zippers can be kept on you. For your comfort, the shoes should also be removed.
Once ready, we install you on the armchair which is in our cocoon, the door is closed and the session begins. The door can be opened from the inside at any time and a bell can be rung to ask us to end the session.

no watch no ring no earings no wristlet no belt no shoes

Our recommendations

In general, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, which do not oppress the body.
The best time of the day is in the morning because the head is still clear. Now is the perfect time to find yourself.
Digestion makes a lot of noise, it is advisable to eat light before entering the cocoon.

The progressive end

After 45 minutes of sitting, the box is reopened. A moment of calm is made available to allow consciousness to return to its normal state of functioning and to take back your personal effects. A glass of infused water will be offered to you to re-energize the body before resuming your activities.

Our prices

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5 sessions of 45 minutes

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